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Just a note

I wrote Freedom From My Storm too help others find freedom  from any trial they are faceing big or small there

there is hope for them.

This story is full of humor and it is a enjoyable easy read you will want too share this story with a friend and you will want too read it again and again.   


I wrote my first book A Gift Of Poetry   using a pen name Tracy Lee Rolland itis no longer available in print. 






To me writting is a form of art  

 instead of paint and a brush my Canvas is with words



This book can be found at Amazon

BOOk Out Of Print was published in 2006

Dreams when we 


are  awake Are silent 


Prayers from  our


💓 hearts When 


we  are at peace  in 


our dreams 


when we are asleep 


at 🌃 night everything


Is safe  and secure  in



(Tracy Lee Harrington)