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Book Trailer fpr new book.

Poetic Reflections Of A Dreamer.

First Podcast in the series Stepping Into your Own Design

This is the second Podcast In this series Stepping Into Your Own Design.


I heart Radio, Spotify and Sound Cloud .
Tracy Harrington show.

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Fun videos


Poetic Reflections Of A Dreamer found at amazon

Encourgemet Series 3 videos

Future enent.

// Here  is  a  link  to  my  podcast  on  Sound Cloud 

Fun video about my book

You are awesome

Just be yourself and enjoy

You don't have to be discouraged

Laughter tears joy

Do you want this teady bear with purple planet music

Follow your dreams

Fun slide presentation

Melt the stress away

Made with purple planet music

Place for rest

Life can fell like a carnival ride

Amazing Fantasy for everyone The Conquer
with the song from Face Book artist The one I Won't
Let go. (feat Charlie Peacock Pop medium)
Excellent blend of Magical and Malicious creatures.
This story is a perfect vacation for your imagination.
This Story has everything Revenge, Betrayal, Humor

Video of up coming book I am writing

A pome spoken in video

Place for peace.

Great fun video

Please enjoy

Let's go for a walk